Clubs Amidst COVID


Retrieved from Reedy Orchestra Twitter

Reedy Orchestra demonstrates what precautions many other clubs and extracurriculars have to do in order to function.

Club season is finally here; however, this year will be uncharted territory for clubs and extracurricular activities.

“COVID is something we are all dealing with; however, the debate students and club members are taking this unique year in stride,” debate teacher Joanna Bond said. “They are focusing on growing the club, teaching the novice debate students, and becoming better public speakers. The members of this class and club are nothing short of amazing! I am inspired every day at their diligence, commitment to excellence, and positive outlook.”

COVID-19 has presented some unique challenges for extracurriculars, as they are primarily continuing activities online.

“In-Class StuCo is meeting every 3B period,” StuCo president Reagan Witkowski said. “Out-Of-Class students will have to meet virtually.” 

Clubs now have  several ways of completing activities online this year.

“The activities are modified this year, and there are some challenges to be sure, but at Reedy, we rise to meet the challenges!” Bond said. “Currently, we are learning about congressional style debate and we have our first debate this Friday and Monday. 

This year, not only do clubs have to meet online, but they must have their competitions online.

“Tournaments, we believe, will be done online through tabroom, which is the most popular online Debate ballot site,” debate president Autumn Kniering said. “It’ll essentially be like a zoom call with two opponents and a judge. We’ll most likely be staying at home and just dressing up for the calls.”

Clubs and extracurriculars have many rules they must comply with this year to keep students safe.

“Right now, we are following guidelines given to us by the district and governor and doing our best with what we have been given,” Witkowski said. “We’re planning senior events and pink out currently, but the rest is up in the air.”

Many club participants have busy schedules, which can be challenging to keep up with, especially this year.

“Many of our club members are very talented and participate in other activities such as DECA, Student Council, athletics and band,” Kniering said. “We have a mix of both online and in-person students, and though it’s difficult and new to us, they’re taking it in stride.”

Because of the current state of the world, it is easy to run into issues this year.

“We have run into a lot of dilemmas, such as the district not allowing us to do certain events,” Witkowski said. “As president, my duties have been affected greatly by COVID. I was supposed to go to State in April to present our State project, and as president, I’m trying my best to keep the high school experience as normal as possible.”

While there have been problems this year, extracurricular activities will continue with activities and doing the best they can to complete their jobs.

“Our StuCo members have been working their hardest to make posters and decorating our school to look the prettiest,” Witkowski said. “I love all of our StuCo members, they’re definitely facing a lot of challenges and are overcoming them really well!”