Making The Switch


Tiffany Crites

Students Practice Social Distancing in Class

For the second nine weeks, students and parents had the choice to switch to online or in person classes. The change goes into action the week of October 19, and as students make the switch, they express what factors led them to changing their learning preference and share why it was the best decision for them. 

“Safety was a huge influence in making my decision to go online,” future online senior Aaron Sembrano said. “I do think Reedy and FISD did a good job with precautions, but at the same time staying home and social distancing is the safest option.”

Students agree that the precautions and response from the school and district to COVID-19 have been up to par. 

“I do feel as though school is safe especially since we always have to wear our masks, are constantly distanced, and are updated when students or teachers get sick,” senior Emaan Moon said.“I am staying in-person for the next nine weeks, but still haven’t decided if I’m going to for the second semester or not,” 

Safety isn’t the only driving factor leading students to go online. 

“With online classes, I’ll have a lot more free time,” future online senior Toni Mcinnis said. “Almost all of my work is already online even though I do go to school. The only difference that will exist when I switch is that instead of sitting in class submitting my work, I’ll be at home.” 

More free time allows for other priorities and tasks to be completed for students.

“I’m an athlete and a senior so I have a lot of other responsibilities,” Mcinnis said. “School is and will always be a priority, but I have the choice to get it done more efficiently.” 

Mcinnis adds that she “understands Zoom meetings are a daily occurrence”, but they often don’t last as long as actual class. 

Though some are making the switch, others are confident in their initial decision. 

“It takes a lot of self discipline and focus to do online school,” in-person senior Rylei Jefferson said. “It may be the right choice for some to go online, but I couldn’t sit at my desk all day and just submit assignments, keeping track of due dates. It’s not the way I learn and I need social interaction.” 

COVID-19 has presented many families with choices never possible. Flexibility is key, and each decision and reason is personal.