Running for a Cause

Gary Burns Annual Fun Run

On October 17th-31st, the Gary Burns Fun Run 5k is coming back virtually. This fun run is a charity event created to benefit the Frisco Education Foundation. 

This race is held in Honor of Gary Burns, former Frisco Assistant Fire Chief. Burns died of colon cancer in 1999. He was a highly regarded member of the Frisco Community. In the eighties, he ran for city council and won. He sat on the panel for a few years before leaving. Before his time at the city council, he owned a convenience store on Main street known as Snap-E Jack. After his time at the city council, he started volunteering at the local fire station to be closer to his wife, Linda. After joining, he decided to stay at the Fire Department and moved up the ranks to assistant chief. He always donated money, meals, and equipment to the less fortunate. He held many fire safety prevention assemblies at  Frisco Schools. 

Burns is preceded by his daughters Crystal Morris, currently at Lawler Middle School, and Ashley Kilmer. Burns was very involved in his family life; he would always spend time with them and let them play at the Firestation. When he got diagnosed with colon cancer, his family let it be known that it didn’t stop him one bit from living the life he had always lived. He was not only remembered by the fun run but also by Gary Burns Drive in Frisco.

The Gary Burns Fun Run 5k is an annual charity event hosted to raise money for the Frisco Education Foundation to pay for teacher grants, senior student scholarships, and more. Usually, this event occurs at Toyota Stadium and has food, family events, and even a special guest appearance from the City of Frisco Fire Clowns. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has stricken 2020, this event was not able to take place how it has in the past. This year, the event took place virtually. 

The participants were allowed to partake in this race anywhere they please, whether it be at home from your treadmill or stationary bike to around your neighborhood. There were preset route contestants that were allowed to take.  There were about five preset routes that people were allowed to take. Each course had a checkpoint at the end that people were encouraged to take their picture with. Along the routes, there were a few so called trick or treat checkpoints. 

This race is Halloween themed, so all participants were encouraged to wear their best costumes. To keep everyone in the Halloween spirit, there are some awards for many things such as best pet costume, best family theme, and furthest away participant. 

This race is a great way to honor a pillar of the community, Mr. Gary Burns.