Theater Reinvented

Divya Konkimalla, Staff Writer

Reedy High School has various clubs and activities among its offered extracurriculars; among these clubs is the top-rated theater department.

At Reedy, there are two parts: International Technical Society, or ITS, and United States Institute for Theater Technology, or USITT.

While dealing with the pandemic, the club seems to be doing as much as possible to work together and practice acting and technical skills.

“Most of the officer meetings are done in person…. but the general meetings with everyone are held virtually,” President of ITS, Iman Afghani shares.

On the other hand, these clubs are trying to get as much participation and group activities.

“We have been talking about different projects like last weekend on Saturday, we did the Gary Burns fun run as a group together!” Afghani shares.

Considering these group activities, the club is also beginning to focus on more theatrical activities.

“Right now, we are working on a fall show… we are planning on making it, not like a full-blown show, but like vignettes in groups of three to four people… to keep up to covid standards,” Afghani complies.

Though Reedy High School does not plan on hosting events such as plays, the theater department has more tricks up their sleeves.

To broadcast, “We are thinking of taking videos and sharing them or possibly live streaming them” for Reedy High School viewers and families.

Other than the club, the Reedy theater Department has eight offered classes: Technical Theater 1-4 and Acting Theater 1-4.

“All of the classes are considered virtual, even tech theater,” Afghani says, “but if you go to school, you can go to class.”

Afghani is currently taking a Tech Theater class and is seeing the downside of split classes.

“We are working on our projects right now, for example, but the people who are in-prison have all the tools at hand, but people at home have to work with what they have or go to supply pick-up.”

Reedy High School is also spreading to three in-school sessions for virtual students to be more equipped to complete assignments and act in class.

The theater department is adapting to the global situation as they are “working around the obstacles as there are kids in school and some at home.”

Reedy High School is home to many struggling and adapting clubs, but the theater department is making its way to the best year possible for all students and club members.