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This Year’s Red Ribbon Week


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Reedy STUCO puts drugs to sleep on Pajama Day.


The week of October 26, 2020 was Red Ribbon Week – a week where awareness of drug abuse prevention is raised. The week is held annually and students and staff participate through educational presentations, interactive activities, and themed dress-up days. 

“We hold Red Ribbon Week every year and help counselors with the posters, activities, and overall campaign,” STUCO parliamentarian Emaan Moon said. “The campaign aims to educate students about the risks of things like vaping and use of other drugs.” 

The pandemic has presented some struggles and needs for adjustments on the way the week is usually run. 

“Usually we give away prizes, have games in the cafeteria during lunches for students to play, and interactive activities so the reason for dressing up isn’t lost,” Moon said. “To do this we’ve had to use things like Kahoot or Quizlet live for the educational aspect.” 

The themed days get many students excited and involved with the week and campaign, 

“Dressing up is one of the most fun parts and I see a lot of students and teachers participate,” Moon said. “My favorite themes are pajama days where we ‘put drugs to sleep’ and decades day!” 

The importance of keeping the educational aspect of staying drug free has been a goal of both STUCO and staff this year. 

“Staying drug free holds a lot of importance,” health teacher Ms. Amanda Miller said. “Addiction is a very serious issue that is hard to get out of, so staying out of the trap of drugs and addiction is necessary.” 

Miller adds that though tough at times, “peer pressure” and “outside factors” shouldn’t influence you to do harmful things to your brain and body. 

“I feel like peer pressure is one of the main things that get kids interested or into vaping or drugs since they think it’s cool,” Moon said. “As I’ve gotten older I’ve seen just how uncool drugs are. The effects they have can completely change a person, it’s cooler and better to be able to have fun without drugs and be drug free.”