Different Campuses, Same Issues: Covid and Schools

A look into how schools from different parts of the country have taken on COVID-19.

Different Campuses, Same Issues: Covid and Schools

Maya Borkar, Staff Writer

After all schools in America shut down in the 2019 Spring semester due to COVID-19, schools have taken many different approaches to the 2020 school year. As cases go up, schools do what fits best in their community. Some are doing 100% online school, some are doing in person, and others are doing a hybrid of the two.

The way Frisco is handling COVID differs from other cities and even states. Students from schools on the opposite sides of the country explain their 2020 school experience amidst COVID. 

At Barrington High School in Chicago, Illinois administrators have different procedures to keep students safe from COVID-19 than they do at Reedy High School. At Barrington half of the students come in on Monday and Tuesday, then they leave Wednesday for sanitation. The other half of students come in person on Thursday and Friday. On the other hand, there is Reedy High School, where students attend in person full time or virtual school full time. While the students attend in person school, they have many protocols to follow.

“The biggest protocol the school has put in is the mask mandate,” Barrington sophomore Lauren Bergman said. “We have to be wearing masks at all times except lunch. Also, at lunch we sit six feet apart with plexiglass screens between us which makes me feel safe without my mask on.” 

Reedy High School has their own set of protocols to prevent COVID-19.

“Some protocols in place to prevent the virus from spreading are the use of social distancing by 6ft, moving events to open spaces, and wearing masks” Reedy High School Junior, Asha Guavalli, said. 

Whether it’s masks or social distancing, safety is the number one concern for parents when their child is going in person; and, they want to make sure the school is doing enough to keep their child safe. 

“I believe that the school can enforce more restrictions because there may be scenarios where the students feel comfortable to take their masks off even for a few moments,” Guavalli said. 

Barrington High School parents are also trying to keep their children safe in school.

“I do think the school is taking the correct amount of precautionary measures,” Benedetto said 

“We have masks on and when we don’t there are dividers between us to remove any contamination.” 

This year there was a lot of controversy about whether in-person learning would be safe. While some feel as though it’s the best way to learn, others do not want to take the risk. 

“I think the biggest benefit to in person school is actually being able to talk to other students and your teacher,” Barrington sophomore Sofia Gierthy said. “In online school it’s so much harder to collaborate with others but in person school makes it way easier.”

Some students think that in person school is a better way for them to learn. 

“When I physically come to school I am able to concentrate and actually learn,” Reedy junior Natalie Kim said.

The decision to go online or in-person has proven to be a personal one.

“Personally, I don’t think I made the right choice going to in-person school,” Bergman said.  “I do think the school takes the right amount of precautionary measures but with that I don’t really get to talk with my friends and see them much, so I feel like it’s just not worth it.”