HOSA Annual Blood Drive

Olivia McCauley, Staff Writer

With hospitals overflowing and so many needing blood, the school has decided to do its part by continuing the annual blood drive! On December 18th, join Reedy Lions in donating blood during a time when it is needed the most.

The school does a blood drive “to help with the national shortage of blood. 20 percent of all blood available in hospitals at this moment come from high school blood drives,” HOSA teacher, Kelly Munro, said.

While some may be concerned with the safety of donating to the blood drive, Ms. Munro assures that HOSA will be implementing “all [safety precautions] recommended by the CDC.”

According to the CDC website, these safety precautions include wearing a mask, maintaining a six foot distance from others, and disinfecting surfaces that have been touched.

Because of the pandemic, the number of people donating to the blood drive could drastically differ from last year.

“We are expecting fewer donors which is sad,” Munro said. “There is a major national shortage of blood, and only enough blood for DFW to last a single day in the reserves at this time.”

Because this shortage affects everyone nationwide, people like the Reedy Librarian, Nancy Lambert, see it as very important to donate this year.

“The Blood Drive has always been something important to me,” Nancy Lambert said. “I participate every year because I know how important blood donations are. It’s a lifesaving gift that doesn’t cost me anything but a little time.”

Even with the pandemic surrounding us, the blood drive will continue the same process for donating blood with added safety measures.

“The intake, where they ask you some questions and get some information, is super quick and easy. Then they take you to the chair and get you prepped to draw the blood. When they put the needle in your arm to give blood, it really isn’t that bad, and they ask you to squeeze a ball. They hook a bag up to the needle and it collects the blood while you sit and lounge on your phone. After you’re done you get some Gatorade or water and a snack,” Lambert said.

With so many in the hospital right now, your donation to the blood drive can mean a lot and potentially save lives. 

“Absolutely I plan to donate this year! Giving blood will help save lives, and in a pandemic, every little bit that I can do to help is worth it for me,” Lambert said.