The World of Local Restaurants


Divya Konkimalla, Staff Writer

The city of Frisco is known for its diversity in restaurant cuisine. However, due to the pandemic at hand, many restaurants have had  fewer customers due to safety concerns. According to the Governor’s Executive Order 32, issued October 7th, 2020, “business must limit their occupancy rate to 50 %. Looking towards the future, the Mayor in the Frisco City Council expanded the declaration of the public health emergency till, at least, January 5th, 2021.”

In response to these newly-implemented regulations, many restaurants are finding new ways to sell their food and drinks. Taylor Kinch, junior at Reedy, has a family business called The Community Grill and shares her family’s experience during the pandemic.

Her family has implemented much to improve the safety conditions such as: “added a hand sanitizer at the front for guests, the staff wears masks and our guests’ social distance, continue[s] to monitor the changing of gloves and washing of hands, and always used sanitizer to clean tables and chairs after each use.”

On the other hand, many restaurants have expanded to curbside pickup, increased outdoor seating, and more delivery options. Curbside pickup consists of placing an order and having restaurant employees drop the vehicle’s meal, avoiding the exposure of entering restaurants. The Community Grill “offer[s] curbside and carry out, but we do not have delivery.” Many other restaurants are following this trend in Frisco.

Conversely, many restaurants have increased outdoor seating to accommodate social distancing and have taken advantage of food delivery services such as GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, and more.

From chain restaurants such as iHop to local businesses like Simply Thai Bistro, restaurants adjust to safety precautions with many changes.

With the diverse food options available in Frisco, there is more than likely a restaurant that offers curbside pickup or more delivery options for many cuisines.

Some well-reviewed Mexican restaurants in Frisco include The Blue Goose Cantina, Salsa Tex-Mex Frisco, and Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. Many Asian-eatery options include Best Thai, Edoko Sushi & Robata, Simply Thai Bistro, and Breakers Korean BBQ. Finally, there are many casual dining options such as The Community Grill, 54th Street Restaurant and Drafthouse, Maple Street Biscuit Company, and many more. There is so much variety in food options in Frisco that you should take advantage of.

Local restaurants need support from Frisco residents to stay open and provide delicious food. These small businesses are providing their excellent service, but are having low customer support. 

Though expanding to curbside pickup, Taylor Kinch from The Community Grill concludes “sales are down year over year.” Take a chance on a new cuisine, and try a local restaurant you haven’t tried yet.