What’s Up With UT?

The University of Texas at Austin is getting more and more competitive, and students express how they feel about the school and their decisions.

Whats Up With UT?

The University of Texas at Austin is becoming one of Texas’s most competitive schools – making it seem almost  impossible to get into. With automatic admissions if you’re in the top 6% percent, and the unique CAP (Coordinated Admission Program) program, the school stands out in more than one way and students who applied share their experience. 

Madison Legere, a Reedy high school senior, applied to the University of Texas, understanding the competitive nature, and was capped.

“I thought I had good chances,” Legere said. “The people I know thought they had good chances too, but now we are all left really confused.”

Before the 2000s, UT was a reasonably easy school to get into. But, as the years go by and competition increases, the acceptance rate goes down.

“UT isn’t what it originally was, because originally they would accept a lot more people who deserved it,” said Legere. “But now, they only are accepting very few, and not all of them are deserving, which is now frustrating.”

Other students who applied have a different perspective of UT and feel as if they deserve the hype they now get.

“I don’t know how exactly it got to this point, but I think UT has always been competitive and difficult to get into,” said senior Emaan Moon. “I mean, It was difficult when my sister graduated seven years ago.”

UT is categorized as a public university, so when 66,000 thousand students apply, not everyone is able to get in.

“It doesn’t necessarily have an Ivy League mindset but it has a competitive aspect and it is difficult to get into,” said Moon. “However, I know kids who have gotten into UT and been waitlisted or rejected from easier schools.”

The reason UT is different from other competitive schools is because of their CAP (Coordinated Admission Program) program, where you can attend a Texas university for one year and gain a  guaranteed spot to UT. But is it necessarily worth it?

“I considered the CAP program for a bit,” said Legere “In reality, it just doesn’t make sense to actually do it since you only get automatic acceptance into Liberal Arts college, and that’s not what I want to be doing.”

So what if UT is a competitive school? They’re allowed to accept whomever they think fits they’re school environment. 

“I’m going to UTSA instead now,” said Legere. “And I’m absolutely so excited for it. UT is still a dream school for me, but I know that the path that I’ve chosen is the right one for me.”