Prom 2021: One Last Dance?


After a year of uncertainties and cancellations, district administrators have approved this year’s Senior class to have a prom, but it is not what most would have expected. 

“This year’s prom is going to be so different. Instead of being able to have a dance, we are playing games and staying covid safe,” senior Lindsey Elliot said. 

In an email addressing the whole class, Mr. Ziaer, Reedy High School’s principal, announced that this year’s prom would not include a dance per FISD disease mitigation protocols. Instead, coordinators have transformed the event into a game night where attendees can expect casino-like card games and different prizes. 

“There were a lot of people involved in planning this, from the district, Mr.Z, Mrs.Caldwell, to the senior officers we all had a part in the planning,” Senior class officer Regina Moreno said. “As for input, both the Senior and student council officers gave input to the planning.”

However, most Seniors were shocked to hear the changes. Many have expressed their opinions regarding the absence of a dance, a traditional high school experience dating back many years. 

“We have a lot of students who didn’t take it well. When [we] released the information to the other Seniors, we were bombarded with angry/disappointed comments,” Moreno said. 

Most of these comments targeted the idea that traditionally, proms include a dance floor and that a game night is not equivalent.

“My opinion on the new prom [is that] I’m grateful we [can] have an event at all, but if we can pass around game cards, then we should be able to have a DJ and a dance floor,” Elliot said.

Many students also complained about the restriction on dates since the first announcement was that no Reedy underclassmen or outside dates were allowed to come. 

“A lot of people were frustrated about the date situation, and I totally understand their frustration, but we had to remind [them that] we had little say about the regulations surrounding the prom,” Moreno said. 

Since the first announcement, however, the date restrictions have been lifted. Now, students are allowed to bring dates after approval from administrators. 

“ I really encourage Seniors to look at the bright side, especially now that the date regulations [are] lifted,” Moreno said.

Even though many students are actively seeking to share their inputs on the new prom, the overall feeling surrounding the event is gratefulness. 

“Honestly, this new take on prom seems like it will be a lot of fun! With all that we’ve heard behind the scenes, I truly think this will be one of the most engaging/exciting Proms,” Moreno said. “Like everything, it is what we make of it.”

Considering that the class of 2020 missed out on prom because of the sudden outbreak, this year’s Seniors are just excited to have the opportunity to have fun with their classmates one last time.

“Since the class of 2020 didn’t have a prom, I am very grateful to be having anything at all. [That] doesn’t mean I can’t want more than what [is currently planned], but I’m glad we have something to go to, just to see the people we’ve spent most of our lives with one more time before we all leave to start our lives,” Elliot said. 

As for how much can change in the month of preparation remaining, it is uncertain if organizers can guarantee a dance floor at all, but they are looking to create the most fun possible. 

“As Class president, I’m not sure how much I’m able to disclose at the time being, but I can assure you that I, as well as the other officers, have been working tirelessly in and out of school to make this happen,” Moreno said. 

The Reedy Senior prom will take place on April 17th.