Giving it all on the Course

The Varsity Golf Team shares how their season has been.


Practice at TopGolf to better Accommodate COVID Protocol

With tournaments and the golf season wrapping up at the end of this month, varsity players reflect on the tough year they’ve had like many other athletes; and describe the beauty and uniqueness of golf as a sport. 

“Golf is such a unique sport because it’s easy to learn but impossible to master – and there is always a way to improve,” varsity boys player Walker Buckle said. “This season has been fun, but COVID has been a challenging part of it because of the different conditions and adjustments that had to be made.” 

COVID-19 has made sports completely change their norms and way of doing things; and, golf is yet another one that has been affected. 

“A lot has definitely changed but everyone’s adjusted very well,” team captain Emaan Moon said. “We often have to wear masks unless we’re at a safe distance. Practice and how it operates has also changed – sometimes we have to practice at Top Golf.” 

The pandemic has added onto a sport that already had its challenges. 

“COVID has definitely made the sport even more of a mental game,” varsity boys player Seth Petry said. “I think that’s been the hardest part – having to adjust to the new so quickly and keep the motivation, headspace, and most importantly focus to play golf.” 

Golf as a sport comes with the uniqueness of having to singularly balance both the mental and physical skills. 

“In golf, you have your team as support but on the course it’s just you, and you have to not get in your head too much,” Petry said. “It takes hard focus and determination to continue to succeed even after messing up.”

The process of playing golf and going through tournaments is a far from easy one. 

“Tournaments can last for hours,” varsity girls player Natalie Kim said. “Your willpower and mentality have to be fine-tuned. The slow pace of the sport can almost come back to hurt you, because you spend a lot of time thinking over certain things, and sometimes even overthinking certain aspects of a round which can negatively affect your score.”

Despite having a rough year, the future looks promising for Reedy Golf! 

“This probably sounds cliché by now, but this season has truly been like no other,” Kim said. “ I think the future of the team is bright, because a lot of the freshmen who made the team at the beginning of the season are really talented, and I’m excited to see what future years hold.”