Camille Gonzalez and her Photography Business


Balancing a personal business and attending high school can understandably seem like a highly demanding task, yet, Senior Camille Gonzales, a Reedy High School student photographer, explains how it is a task she is willing to take. 

“The name of my photography business is Cami Grace Photography, I honestly didn’t even know it would turn into a business!” Gonzales said. 

Like many other students, Gonzales picked up photography as a hobby without knowing it would turn into her passion and future career.

“I have always been drawn to the camera pretty much my whole life, but it wasn’t until I took Photo-j [photojournalism] here at Reedy that I  realized how much I loved it and wanted to pursue it,” Gonzales said. 

After discovering her talents behind the camera at school, it was only a matter of choosing a platform to showcase her work to kick off what would become a successful small business. 

“I loved to take photos and decided to create an Instagram account for it. A few people from school started to follow and ask for photos, and ever since then, I took off with photography,” Gonzales said. 

A few people soon became many people who became interested in Gonzales’s work, allowing her business to grow significantly in the two years she has been working.

“My business usually gets most of its promotion through word of mouth, social media tags, posts from clients, and visits to my website,” Gonzales said. “I have shot over 200 photoshoots, and with each session, I get a little better at what I do!”

However, Gonzales’s notable success has increased the demand for photoshoots, which can sometimes complicate her busy student, business owner schedule. 

“With the amount of clients wanting shoots, especially this time of year, my weekends are usually packed,” Gonzales said. “I try to keep an editing schedule so that [I can deliver] photoshoots on time or even earlier, and I attempt to limit my shoots to weekends.”

Still, the commitment of devoting her weekends to her photography has become rewarding for Gonzales through the overwhelming amount of positive feedback from her clients. 

“Not only was [Gonzales] incredibly understanding when it came to my vision, but she also helped bring my [idea] and dream to life with her kindness and professionalism,” Senior Matthew Gardner said. 

Many clients emphasize Gonzales’s ability to remain organized while still creating a lively work environment.

“She is very organized and detail-oriented, [making] the process seamless and fun,” Junior Chloe Neely said. “[Gonzales] knows how to make her clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and has a remarkable work ethic!”

Gonzales’s hard work, organizational skills, and commitment to long weekends are due to her passion for capturing unique moments that establish a connection between her and her camera.

“One of my favorite shoots that I have ever gotten to do was of an old couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary,” Gonzales said. “It was so precious and [one of the best] moments that I was honored to capture.”

For more information on her small business, visit Gonzales’s website at