To the Next Four!

It’s been a little over a year since COVID-19 first hit – since then, I’ve received my first dose of the vaccine, have gone to prom, am eating in restaurants again, and am preparing to graduate and go to college on campus, in-person at UT Austin. Excitement, though fitting, doesn’t seem like a good enough adjective to describe both the future and this year.

Snapchat’s “a year ago today” memories showcase the mere shock and confusion both my friends and I had because of the pandemic when it first arrived last March; and, seeing the way the world almost surrendered and said “ok, let’s move on” is mind boggling to me! In spite of literal sickness and death, the world kept spinning, communities united, and we put our masks on and went on with life. 

At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, expectations were personally at an all time low, and “adjusting” seemed to be the theme of the year (and thankfully so). Because of said theme, the ability for not only me and other students but the Reedy community to come together and simply adjust to conditions has made this school year go by not only fast, but smoothly. Of course there were a few cracks in the system, but all in all the way this year was run and organized with the students’ safety and even entertainment and fun kept  in mind, are things I’ll forever be grateful to Reedy and the Reedy staff and parents for. I feel as though a lot of seniors would agree with me in saying that given the horrible situation we were in, the opportunities given to be involved and do things as a class like senior bonfire, senior breakfast, Six Flags, an actual prom,  and senior sunset  because of the community at Reedy has made this unconventional year both fulfilling and fun. 

The narrative of time flying in highschool  is something I can agree with now, but know my freshman self would undoubtedly protest! In the midst of it all – it feels like eternity.. I always thought that four years sounded like such a short period of time in the whole scheme of things, (because it is), yet, in said four years the amount of changes and growth that has occurred with both my mindset and life are insane! I went from being dropped off in the mornings and being picked up at 4:15 on the dot to growing up, having my own car, and getting out of school at noon.. So much changes within the short period of high school, and you grow up in ways you never had before, at a rate that feels like a ‘skip ad” button. A lot of the time, throughout school, I was  worried about what the future held and too focused on the next grade – and now there isn’t one!

Reflecting on my time as a student at Reedy and as editor of this paper, the lessons and experiences I’ve been blessed with will be something I’ll carry with me throughout the next four years of college and my life. Through writing and the encouragement of it through several teachers and staff members, I’ve found my voice.. The lasting connections with both students and staff, direction I received when I felt the most lost, and tough lessons I learned through experiences are all things I cherish and account to the community that’s been built and in return has built me into the person I am today.