Concerts in COVID: How Will the Show Go On?


While restrictions all over America have been loosening up, people have been too. Concerts at  venues in North America have picked back up and major artists like Harry Styles, Pitbull, and Phoebe Bridgers have kicked off their tours in North America. Because the pandemic is still happening, venues are implementing precautionary measures for these concerts to manage the spread of COVID-19.

“I just went to the Harry Styles concert on September 11,” senior Riley Jorgenson said. “At Harry, masks were required at all times in the building; they also required proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test before entering.”

Because of these precautions, many feel as though concerts are a more safe event to attend.

“I do feel safe going to concerts again,” Jorgenson said. “I know that I am doing my part to keep others safe and I hope that others are doing the same.”

Similarly, most are trying their best to follow the CDC’s advice on prevention of COVID-19.

“I take all the precautions needed in order to keep myself safe as well as others,” senior Jade Lowe said. “Like wearing my mask at all times and being aware of my surroundings and washing my hands.”

While students feel safe, doctors warn against attending concerts and music festivals in order to stop the spread.

“Absolutely not,” Dr. Tina Tan, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at Northwestern University, said when speaking to CNN. “There is just too much COVID that is circulating everywhere in the U.S.”

Taking this into consideration, some believe it depends on the condition the city is in.

“I do think that concerts can begin again, given that we do our part to be safe,” Jorgenson said. “Obviously, I think that concerts can and should be cancelled if the COVID situation in a certain area is significant.”

Due to concerts being on hold for months previously, many have missed attending them as well as the feelings of togetherness they bring.

“I think what I missed most about concerts is the energy/atmosphere,” Jogenson said. “Live music is amazing, but I think it’s nothing without the thrill of being with thousands of other people who are enjoying the show with you.”