Reedy Volleyball Season at a Glance


The varsity volleyball team prepares to play Liberty High School to start the 2022-23 season. Photo By: Gigi Trigus; Editor-in-Chief of the Roar Yearbook

Reedy High School is starting its volleyball season off with a bang. Going into this season, the importance of teamwork and the bonds of the players seem to be a key part of achieving victory.

“Our team is really close to each other even though it has both freshmen and sophomores,” varsity player Cassidy Shroder said. “This can make winning games and playing together easier because we know how each other people play.”

Additionally, the bonds between players are strengthening this season. 

“I think that we will do our best this season and will bond very well as a team,”  junior varsity player Addi Gamer said. “I also think that will improve a lot as we go through the season together.”

The significance of teamwork seems to be present even in both past and present seasons.  Past players present the idea that good relationships within the team are an essential part of their accomplishments. 

“I feel that the JV team will perform very well, the girls on the team play well together and the team is very well-rounded,” ​​Former volleyball player Aubrey Duddlesten said. “I think it is very important for teams to have confidence in each other so I think their bonds will help them gain achievements this season.” 

However, teamwork alone doesn’t guarantee victory.  Hard work and dedication are also essential to success, players said.

“Your role may change season to season, match to match, practice by practice,” SMU volleyball player, and FISD alumni, Rachel Woulfe said. “Embrace the time you get to spend as an athlete and use the game to prepare you for life.”

It’s important for players to have a strong drive to better themselves and to want to improve their relationships with their fellow teammates. 

“For players hoping to play in college, I would say that there is a spot for anyone who works hard and is a fantastic teammate,” Woulfe said. “College sports are extremely difficult, but a positive attitude and strong work ethic can carry you farther than talent ever will.” 

Reedy volleyball players exemplify these traits by stepping in a filling the shoes of the players who came before them. Becoming a role model for upcoming players places a new responsibility on them. 

“It was really hard on us to lose the seniors because in volleyball we’re all one big family,” Shroder said. “but having to take up the responsibility to help the freshman has helped out.” 

Overall, Reedy’s volleyball team has a bright season, and future ahead of them, players predict.

“You are capable of so much more than you think, and failure is good,” Woulfe said “failure means you’re pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and learning. Just make sure to fail forward and use your failures to learn and grow!”