Reedy Welcomes a New School of Fish


On August 10, Reedy High School welcomed the freshman class of 2026. Going back to school can bring up many exciting and anxious feelings, especially for those transitioning into high school. 

Although high school might seem nerve-wracking at first, it’s something that gets better over time. 

“I feel like everyday things are beginning to come to me more naturally,” freshman Victoria Joseph said. 

There are also many aspects of high school that freshmen look forward to at the start of the school year.

“I’m in the Reedy marching band,” freshman Luis Kogucki said. “I can’t wait for the football games so I can march, play music, and just overall have fun.” 

The marching band is one of Reedy’s largest extracurricular activities. However, marching band isn’t the only thing our new Reedy Lions can look forward to. 

“I am looking forward to the social gatherings and the parts where we get to just have fun and express school spirit,” Joseph said. 

Our Reedy teachers have many pieces of advice for our new Lions. 

“An important part of freshman year is time management,” biology teacher Margaret Parker said. “Be aware of how much time you’re spending on social media and playing and make sure you’re balancing that out with a strong work ethic.” 

High school is very different from middle school. With new changes, comes lots of excitement and worry. 

“The biggest difference between middle and high school, in my opinion, is the A days and B days,” Kogucki said. “Yes we had block days, but it still feels weird to go to one set of classes and not go to the same set the next day.”

When there are so many new faces each day, building relationships is pivotal. 

“I think the most important part of freshman year is to build strong relationships with your peers and your teachers,” biology teacher Anum Jiwani said. “ You’re going to carry those relationships with you for the rest of your life.”

Photo by: Maya Borkar