College Applications: What Do Seniors Think?

During the months of September and November many high school seniors are focused on doing their college applications. The early action deadline recently passed on on November 1st, now seniors are working on getting in their regular decision applications. 

Though the applications themselves can be stressful, the prospect of going to a new college can bring an array of emotions. 

 “I am excited to go to college and immerse myself into a career based schedule. I can also meet new people and gain new opportunities and experiences,” senior Brynn Meade said. “It’s a little scary though because I will be leaving the only city I have ever lived” 

There are many aspects that students need to consider when choosing a college. Seniors need to consider many factors when doing their research. 

“I really want to go somewhere that has research opportunities for undergraduates as well as a strong alumni network,” senior Paige Toran said. “Campus life is also very important to me and I am definitely looking for a place with a lot of different clubs and organizations to be a part of.”

A big deciding factor people look for in a college is how strong their major program is.

“In college, I’m looking for a place with a strong journalism program that has a lot of successful alumni, as well as several leadership opportunities and plenty of activities pertaining to my major,” Meade said.

College applications can be stressful for many people, as they not only have to do them, but schoolwork as well

“College application season is stressful because there’s a lot to do, especially balancing it with school,” senior Isabella Hererra Waked said.  “You have to perfect your college apps because it determines whether you are getting in or not”

Not only is the process of applying to college stressful, but so are the chances of getting in. 

“I don’t think the applications themselves are that stressful, but I think the competition of everyone applying at the same time definitely is,” Toran said.

As stressful as the application can be, college could also be a new and exciting opportunity.

“I am excited to go to college because I see it as a way to start over and build a new life for myself,” senior Sarthak Choudhary said