Kicking off Playoffs


Adric Rosato takes a free kick after a penalty was called on The Colony High School’s midfielder.

Presley Sockwell, Sports Editor

With a strong start to this soccer season, the Reedy Boys soccer team continues its winning streak securing a spot in the district playoffs. 

Reedy’s soccer team has been determined to make the playoffs again this year and all their hard work has paid off. 

“We’re an ambitious team,” varsity captain Adric Rosato said. “We know we know what we can do. It’s just a matter of buckling down and doing it, but I truly think we can go on and win state.”

A huge part of the Reedy High School soccer program is the team atmosphere. Therefore, even those who are unable to be on the field still look for ways to be involved with the team.

“Even though I can’t play this year, I wanted to continue being involved with the team to be able to have the opportunity to be around everybody,” team manager Landon Hickam said. “The bond between the team has been really strong this year, and it’s great to be a part of that and know I’m helping the team in one way or another.”

Each player on the team contributes something different and each plays a vital role in the team’s overall success and their journey to win playoffs.

“I feel like I’m bringing good energy to our practices and games which is able to spark other players around me to have that desire to raise their game levels as well,” varsity captain Cole Powell said. 

While the on-field family dynamic is necessary for a successful playoff run, the player’s personal experiences are also responsible for shaping who they are as players.

“I think because my older brothers played whatever they knew, they taught me,” Rosato said. “Whatever they didn’t accomplish in the game, they had those ambitions for me. Every time I go on the field, it’s like I’m playing for my family. I’m representing them.”

Although participating in sports can be demanding, soccer can also be extremely rewarding and creates many memories that will last a lifetime.

“High school soccer is supposed to be fun,” Powell said. “You should be serious and work hard, but also make sure that you have fun as well because it’s a great experience.”