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The student news site of Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas

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An Expression of Thought

Kaela Thomas
Iha Karthikeyan and Tessa Krueger holding a debate over government politics. These students used this opportunity to educate themselves on the inner workings of American Government.

Knowing how to eloquently communicate one’s thoughts to another requires the pre-existing confidence that comes from having practiced the art of argumentation and communication repetitively. Being in the debate club has pushed my boundaries, smoothing over any fears I would have had of speaking publicly.

The club does not only act as a means of fostering growth for those who want to become better speakers, but it also creates individuals who are able to think for themselves and argue both sides of a situation.

When a new resolution is released and students choose to debate on this topic, they are required to create two cases, each arguing the opposite side of the resolution. This prompts students to appreciate all sides of an issue. Understanding the ways in which different issues affect different groups of people nurtures a sense of compassion and empathy amongst those in debate.

In this type of debate, congress students are able to simulate the United States congress, debating legislation and policy while collecting allies to support their legal endeavors.

Similarly, in the speech side of the club, students are able to use pieces of poetry or prose they want to bring to life by cutting different parts and stitching it together to create a unique and individual piece; a piece the speech performer can take and infuse with emotion, acting the part of a character within their piece.

If the acting and dramatics doesn’t appeal to some, speech also offers opportunities to orate on a topic of their choice, or be tested on their knowledge of public affairs and international events.

The debate club offers students a compilation of different events in which they can grow in different ways. These ways include, learning how to express dramatic emotions on stage, arguing a difficult topic that you don’t necessarily agree with, creating increased understanding of the world, or delivering a speech outlaying unique perspectives on the differing experiences of life.

The debate club has brought me new friends, a place to go after school, and a hobby of arguing. More than that though, it has nurtured a sense of understanding and knowledge of the world. Even when arguing a side I don’t necessarily agree with, I have learned to research deeply into topics, to experience all angles of an issue, and to truly understand the individualistic nature of humans and how through every lens a conflict or debatable issue has a real world effect on numerous people across the world.

This club has brought me a community as well as valuable leadership and public speaking skills I will carry for the rest of my life. I’ve been stretched out of my comfort zone and learned to think on the spot.

Education is the precursor to having a knowledgeable population that thinks on its own and can express its own thoughts and opinions. And the debate club offers this in so many forms, creating emotionally expressive, educated, students who can articulate themselves in a way that challenges the common views of this world.

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