The Reedy Mum Challenge

Reedy students have been given the opportunity to participate in a new tradition called the “Reedy Mum Challenge.” Student Council encourages student stop the mum madness and go for a more simplistic look.

By donating $50, students will not only be given a Chrysanthemum flower for homecoming, but the rest of the proceeds will be given to “The Birthday Party Project.”

The Birthday Party Project is an organization that gives kids who aren’t able to afford it the opportunity to celebrate their birthday.

“Three of our core values at Reedy are innovation, service, and community,” freshman and Student Council member Ellie Meinershagen said. “We knew from the start that we wanted to donate the proceeds to a charity to show what our school is all about, and through research and voting of the Student Council we decided on The Birthday Party Project.”

Despite the great intentions of the challenge, not all students are on board.

“Don’t get me wrong, giving to others is great,” freshman Samantha Stout said. “But big mums with cute decorations are something that I and many people look forward to, and I don’t want to take that away.”

Lucky for Samantha, student input is a high priority at Reedy, especially given that this is a student-led project.

“Students are not required to participate in the challenge,” Student Council sponsor Mr. Westhora said. “I’m really just hoping to see students interested in being a part of the school in any way because in the long run, it’s all about what they want.”

All in all, the Reedy Mum Challenge has been a great way to kick off our first year as a school.

“I think it’s been going really well,” Meinershagen said. “Everyone’s been reacting very positively and we’ve gotten a lot of support.”