From the Other Side of the World


America is known for many things, but mostly for its cultural diversity; there is a reason why it’s known as “the melting pot”. One of the many aspects of this are the thousands of foreign exchange students that come here every year. This is one of their stories.

Junior Natsumi Ogino has lived in America for one month. Coming from Japan, she flew into the country with a splendid introduction.

“I had a few expectations before coming to America,” Ogino said. “I expected the people to be open minded, I wanted to make new friends, and just having fun,” “My expectations came true. I meet someone new and interesting every single day!”

Going to a place on the other side of the world, things will be different. Natsumi has certainly noticed when it comes to the cuisine.

“The food here is big and heavy, although I do like it.” Ogino said. “Japanese foods have less sugar, are less salty, and don’t have much oil. I do like both, though.”

After living in an urban area, Natsumi is enjoying living in the quiet rural town of Frisco.

“I lived near Tokyo.” Ogino said. “There are so many buildings. It’s so busy, sometimes people forget where they’re going.”

And while it is fun to experience new things and meet new people, the comfort of home and loved ones will always reside in Natsumi.

“I still have family in Japan,” Ogino said. “I’m going back there later in the year. I’ll miss America, though.”

Education is a vital part of everyone’s daily lives, and school is a primary way of getting it. While it may be stressful at times, Natsumi enjoys it.

“I love Reedy!” Ogino said. “There are so many interesting subjects here. Orchestra and choir are my favorite.”

America and Japan are two different countries, separated by miles and miles of ocean and land. As the girl from the other side of the world, Natsumi is ready to embark on a new adventure.

“I love people in America.” Ogino said. “They’re so friendly, nice, and kind. I can tell it’s going to be my second home country.”