Culture Shock


Being exposed to different cultures is something many people consider vital to personal growth. Junior Xiao Yang is one of those people.

Xiao Yang, better known as Tris, is one of the foreign exchange students here at Reedy. Tris is here from South China for six weeks in hopes of exploring the American culture and improving her English.

“I have already been to America twice before,” Tris said. “I really loved the culture and that’s what led me to choose the US.”

A nation’s culture resides on the people and their hearts, which is something that has impacted Tris.

“I’ve noticed that the people here are really hospitable,” Tris said. “It has really been helpful to my stay.”

It is important that the hearts of specifically students and faculty are kind, so Tris’ fresh view on our attitude is definitely of interest.

“I’m very glad I ended up at Reedy,” Tris said. “Everyone here is very welcoming and kind, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

The support of Reedy Lions is something that has been very beneficial to Tris through overcoming the obstacles of studying abroad.

“I have definitely learned a lot during my time here,” Tris said. “But school and specifically my English and History class have been a bit of a struggle, which makes me appreciate the care and concern of everyone even more.”

Despite the great things Tris has noticed like the amazing hospitality and the overwhelming decrease in traffic, the love for her family back home still remains prominent in her mind.

“I definitely miss my family the most,” Tris said. “Because of them I’ll be excited to go home; but I’ll also be sad to leave, of course.”

All in all, Reedy takes pride in Tris’ positive experience here.

“If someone were considering foreign exchange, I would definitely tell them to come here,” Tris said. “I’m really glad I chose to come to America.”