TopCats 2nd Six Weeks

Haley Ruff

Sophomore Haley Ruff was awarded the Topcat award of Community because of her outgoing, welcoming and accepting personality towards everyone she meets. Ruff is sure to involve everyone so people feel appreciated and no one is left out. “This award shows me that my actions are affecting others in a positive way, and they are appreciated by others,” Ruff said. “I think students should be kind and accepting to all students and teachers, no matter what.”

Ryan Eldard

Junior Ryan Eldard won the Topcat award in the category of service for his involvement with the school. He works with many people and wants to help in any way he possibly can. “This award shows that by doing little things to help others you can make a difference and leave a footprint for others to follow in.” Eldard said. “I would tell students to always be kind to others; the littlest gesture can make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small.”

Sanaa Abdullah

Junior Sanaa Abdullah won the Topcat award of service for her detail-oriented and giving personality, as well as her compassion for putting others before herself. “I think I was chosen because I spend a lot of time helping and teaching others with their homework and assignments,” Abdullah said. “This award means that my hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and it makes me feel appreciated and motivates me to help out even more.”

Elisa Keller

Junior Elisa Keller won the Topcat award for perseverance for the can-do attitude she demonstrated during the last six weeks.  Her determination to get tasks done is definitely noted, especially with Open Den. “This award means someone believes I’m a hard worker,” Keller said. “It means a lot to me.”

Sydney Stevens

Sophomore Sydney Stevens won the Topcat award for integrity, due to her sincerity and honesty. She is always a good role model is glad that what she does goes unnoticed. “It’s really humbling to get this!” Stevens said. “I know it’s been said again and again, but it always pays to be kind and honest with others. You’ll never know if somebody’s had a bad day, or where it could get you in life!”

Vivian Cassina

Junior Vivian Cassina was awarded the Topcat award of community for her involvement with Student Council, Broadcast, and OpenDen. She never fails to lend a helping hand and always tries to help where she is needed. “To me, this award means that my teachers have recognized my hard work, which is really cool!” Cassina said. “I think people should always give what they can and never fail to do the right thing!”

Taylor Paul

Junior Taylor Paul was awarded the Topcat award in the category of Integrity for uniting the school as the FFA president. Hardworking and honest, Paul believes that the students should be treated with kindness and equality, and won’t stop until it comes. “This award means that I have been recognized by teachers and students for being all the hard work I do.” Paul said. “I would tell students how important it is to be nice to the underclassmen, we set the example for them.”

Ryan Miller

Junior Ryan Miller won the Topcat award for Innovation for taking risks. Any assignment he is given, he will complete it with a creative twist. “This award shows that I can be a creative person and bring new and refreshing things on the table that are different from other people.” Miller said. “When it comes to any assignments where you have to think outside the box, always try to see if you can expand on that idea because the craziest idea may be the best.”

Dave Romo

Junior Dave Romo was awarded with the innovation Topcat for his consistent hard work. To him, this award highlights his ability to come up with new and original ideas. A major innovation of his was the suicide prevention video, which is one of the main factors that led to his Topcat award. “My advice to other students is to work hard and always keep your faith up,” Romo said. “Doing this makes life and school much easier.”

Trevor Means

Junior Trevor Means was awarded the Topcat award of perseverance for his dedication to his grades, participation in class, and encouragement to others. He is a very hardworking student and Trevor said this award means a lot because it shows that others recognize how hard he works. “I’ve learned that with my jam packed schedule, it gets difficult to stay on top of things,” Trevor said. “However, I never give up and always persevere.”