The Biggest Game of the Year

The night of February the 5th was a big one as thousands of football fans crowded around their TV, while others just stood by for the commercials. That’s right; it was the long awaited Super Bowl 2017, with the New England Patriots vs the Atlanta Falcons, with the Patriots winning by a score of 34-28. Though some, like Sophomore and cheerleader Grace Anderson, didn’t like the outcome.

“I wanted the Falcons to win because I’m from Georgia and I always liked them,” Grace said. “I was happy when they were winning in the first half, but….”

A big tradition of the well-known game is their out-of-the-world commercials. From guest star appearances to the new movie and show trailers, to ones that show a worldwide message, these commercials are more than the ordinary 15 second long ones that appear on any other day.

“My favorite commercial was the promo over Stranger Things season 2,” Kendall Minaldi said. “I love that show and have been looking forward for the next season for a while now.”

The Superbowl wouldn’t be the Superbowl without its awe-inspiring halftime show, and this year Lady Gaga performed a smashing hit.

“I really enjoyed the show,” Freshman Malini Prasad said. “I enjoyed Lady Gaga’s performance because she was amazing and had an empowering performance.”

Anyone watching the game was in for a surprise when former president George H.W. Bush wheeled his way out onto the field to do the coin toss, which decided which team would play first.

“It was awesome seeing Bush on the field,” Officer Gaulden said. “Unfortunately I don’t think his days are going to be a lot less than what they are now, so I like as long as he can still be in the public, it’s all good.”

Every team has a group of players, all of them different with their own personalities and characteristics. That is why every football fan has a favorite football player. Every fan has a favorite player and Officer Gaulden’s favorite is Matt Bryan, the quarterback of the Falcons.

“He goes about it the right way, he’s very professional and always does the right thing,” Gaulden said. “That’s why I like him so much.”

The 2017 Super Bowl was full of events, from the arrival of Bush to the artistic commercials, the halftime show, and the big win over the Patriots. Sophomore Andrew Elkin certainly enjoyed the outcome of the game.

“My favorite moment of the story was when the Patriots win,” Andrew said, “because it was amazing seeing my favorite team win.”