Topcat 4th Six Weeks



Sophomore Julian Beck won the Topcat award of service for helping school librarian Mrs. Lambert out in the library. His kindheartedness demonstrates the act of doing a task for someone, which is what it means to be a person of service. “This award means that I can be willing to make others feel better and make their feelings go away,” Julian said. “I would tell other students to be nice and to protect those who mean most to them.

Sophomore Teagan Connor gained the Topcat award in the form of service for helping those in need. Even though it might seem difficult at times to do what is right, Teagan does with more than a 100%, no matter what the circumstance is. “It means so much to me that I would win this award,” Teagan said. “I would tell fellow students that working hard isn’t always it bad thing; it can even be fun.”


Sophomore Jane Bae won the Topcat award in the category of integrity for being honest and sincere. Telling peers and fellow teachers the truth can be difficult, but Jane pulls it off well. “This award means that I showed my honesty and sincerity in my classes,” Jane said. “I want to advise other students that the truthfulness always improves the relationships with friends and teachers.”


Freshman Anamika Suresh won the integrity Topcat for demonstrating such qualities in her work. Integrity is one of the many characteristics of a good student; this is something that comes naturally to Anamika. “I put my energy in the qualities I possess that make me do well as a student,” Anamika said. “Students need not only hard work to be successful, but integrity as well.”


Sophomore Nolan Matthews’ selfless actions and respect for others won him the community Topcat. Nolan doesn’t let peer pressure affect his choices, and tries to do what is right even if others are telling him it’s not. “I give back with community service and I am always looking for an opportunity to help someone,” Nolan said. “This award means that what I am doing is making a difference to people in the community.”

Junior Deepti Singh was awarded the community Topcat for getting involved and helping out as much as she can. Our community would not flourish without people like Deepti, as we need people to take initiative in order for improvement to happen. “What I think brought me to this award was leadership, adaptability, humbleness and passion,” Deepti said. “I strongly advocate people to get out of their bubble and put themselves in other people’s shoes.”


Freshman Yunbeen Bae was awarded the Topcat of perseverance because of her positivity as she worked hard to be the best student she could be. Yunbeen doesn’t let difficult classes bring her down, but instead works even harder to get a good grade. “I appreciate that my teachers acknowledged my hard work,” Yunbeen said. “I think people need to remember not to stress about life; the outcome may be much better than you think.”

Sophomore Tymothy Martin was awarded the perseverance Topcat due to his ability to excel in band and football. Tymothy works hard in two very different branches of activities, but never fails to give it his all. “Don’t see work as a challenge,” Tymothy said. “See it as an opportunity to grow and improve.”


Junior Livia Frost won the innovation Topcat this six weeks for her meaningful participation in class. Livia possesses the characteristics of an innovative student; intelligence, creativity, and the strive to be hardworking. “I’d tell my peers to always work hard,” Livia said. “It will pay off in the long run.”    


Sophomore Sneha Jayachandran was awarded with the innovation Topcat this six weeks for her open-minded and perseverant attitude towards her peers and her school. Sneha supports bringing in new ideas and sharing these ideas with her community and society, never giving up on what she wants to do. “This award means a lot to me,” Sneha said. “It’s one more step towards being an ideal student of this school.”