Testing During COVID-19

Testing During COVID-19

Amiya Chennappan, Editor

With the continuous rise of COVID-19 cases, schools around the country have adapted their classroom learning to be online. College Board, the organization responsible for the SAT and AP classes, has also changed their AP exams in every subject to be taken at home and submitted online in light of the pandemic.

With this being a historical first, many students have mixed feelings about the new set up for their final exams for AP classes.

“I feel like there’s going to be more pressure on the students during exams this year because there’s more distractions at home,” junior Titania Vi said. “The time limit and format also isn’t what they’re used to and will take some adjusting to.”

All AP exams this year will be essay-based and only 45 minutes compared to the usual two to three hour tests and multiple choice sections previously.

“We spent all year discussing several topics about the course we took,” junior Samantha Williams said. ”For there to only be two questions from the multiple units, it does not seem fair as the tests look at a small portion of what we have learned.”

In addition, the exams will also all be considered open notes and students may reference study material whilst taking it.

“I really like that it’s an open note because it resembles most college exams,” Vi said. “It gives me more assurance of doing well.”

After the pandemic, many believe this unique time will influence and change the way we look and practice education. 

“I think that more tests will begin to be online whether if they are in class tests or even state exams like the STAAR,” Williams said. “I hope that teachers and collegeboard will change how they teach and prepare students according to the at home exams and online learning statistics.”


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