Just Breathe

Students Express how they’ve been Dealing with Stress.


Olivia Marbury, Publications Editor and Publisher

With having to manage schoolwork, keep organized, balance work and a social life, and most importantly stay safe amidst COVID-19, this school year understandably presents a lot of stressors for students. 

At Reedy High School, students explain what has been the hardest so far in the school year; and, how they deal with the stress that often comes with life both inside and outside of school. 

“My homework causes me a lot of stress,” senior Kendall Walden said. “After going to school for seven hours, having extracurriculars, trying to maintain a social life, and doing school work on top of that, things easily get overwhelming.” 

School and school related activities aren’t the only things that present stress for some students.

“Family and work are really important but require a lot of energy to succeed in and maintain, which causes a lot of stress,” senior Sophie Williams said. “Hanging out with friends and enjoying the little things with my family or coworkers helps me calm down and see the bigger picture for what it is, even when things get hard or feel like they’re too much.” 

Some students opted for the option of online classes, usually meaning more self reliance and time management. 

“Learning online can be really hard for me because it’s just not the same,” senior Alex Joe said. “I have to muster up the energy to log into Zoom classes and keep up with assignments which aren’t always easy.”

The level of classes may determine the level of stress on some students because of difficulty and overall workload.

“AP Calc AB is really challenging,” Joe said. “It’s a college math class online so it’s not something I can just figure out and communicating with teachers to ask questions isn’t as easy as it used to be.”

Having ways and even activities to handle stress and relax are key to being productive and keeping a level head. 

“To decompress I’ve been coloring a lot more,” Walden said. “It’s fun to be creative and it’s relaxing as well to get my mind off of whatever is stressing me out.” 

Though challenging, finding a balance and knowing when to step away is key. 

“Things like working out and being active, nurturing your body, and finding hobbies are things that will reduce stress,” health teacher Coach Miller said. “I like to read to decompress and I also like to help my husband in the kitchen where we listen to music and cook.”

Joe mentions that he “handles stress by sleeping”, and all students interviewed agree on the importance of finding ways to step away from schoolwork or things inducing stress. 

“This year I’m applying to college, going to school, participating in extracurriculars, and working during a pandemic,” Williams said. “I’m sure many students are in a similar situation and I feel like we all have to remember the fact that nothing is permanent, things will get better, and to just take a breath and relax.”