It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

This Year’s Holidays Phenomenon


Karla Perez, Staff Writer

This year, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, even before Thanksgiving. 

“My family and I started decorating as soon as November started,” high school junior Catalina Murcia said. 

A drive around neighborhoods will quickly reveal that families all around Frisco have put up their Christmas lights earlier than usual this year. With the adverse events of 2020, many families seem to be anxiously awaiting the holiday cheer more than on a regular year. 

“We usually decorate starting Dec. 1st, but with the craziness of this year, we needed some holiday joy a little earlier than usual,” community member Traci Gonzales said. 

After the interminable quarantine months, many families drifted apart and adopted a negative outlook towards the year. However, the upcoming holiday season has called for a renewal of enthusiasm.  

“The events of 2020 have put a damper on this year’s overall mood,” Gonzales said. “Decorating means spending time and actually enjoying each other’s company in preparation for the holidays.”

Gonzales is not alone though, many think that holiday family time is necessary to brighten up the overall domestic atmosphere. 

“It’s a time for all of us to bond while we all help decorate,” Murcia said. 

Putting up decorations early has officially inaugurated the numerous holiday traditions that come along this time of year, which generally happens after Thanksgiving day. 

“We celebrated our elf on the shelf coming early this year,” Gonzales said. 

However, the multiple health regulations placed have had the effect of modifying some families’ holiday plans. 

“Because of COVID, many people, including me, aren’t able to travel over Christmas, which I normally always do,” Murcia said. “So it’ll be very different and not in the best ways, but I’m still optimistic about this Christmas.”

Even with the adjustments necessary this year, many people are attempting to get the most joy out of the small things possible, such as putting up Christmas lights for everyone to see. 

“I think we’re just trying to find any possible way to make this year-end on a good note, unlike the rest of the year,” Murcia said. 

Undoubtedly, Christmas’s early arrival this year will serve as a symbol of hope and comfort for anyone who needs it. 

“I’m hoping that the holiday lights will bring joy to everyone who maybe had a rough start to the year,” Gonzales said.