Stop Asian Hate

In America, the number of hate crimes against Asians and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) has skyrocketed  in recent months. AAPI hate crimes have gone up nearly 150% in major cities. In fact, just as Stop Asian Hate was getting traction, tragedy hit in Atlanta on March 16, where eight people were fatally shot, and six of whom were Asian women. Atlanta is just one example of the many AAPI hate crimes that are happening in America. 

Many local groups are taking a stand against AAPI hate crimes. A “Stop Asian Hate Rally” was held in Dallas on Saturday, March 27, and hundreds of people attended. The group rallied with signs condemning white supremacy, and xenophobia against AAPI. The organizer/leader Jonas Park wanted the rally to have speakers and emotion.

There will be no emcee. Each speaker will be introducing each other, so kind of community building.” 

Frisco has been doing their part to help the AAPI community during these hard times. A local donut shop called Detour Donuts and Coffee started selling a new donut with “Stop Asian Hate” written on top. Detour Donuts is an Asian owned business and the owner Jinny Cho wanted to show support for her community. The proceeds from the Stop Asian Hate donuts are going to the Support the AAPI Community Fund. Her donuts sold out quickly because many people came to her shop in support of the cause. 

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, proclaimed Friday, March 26, 2021, as “Stop Asian Hate” day. He decided to do this after the shooting in Atlanta.Texas is the fourth highest in AAPI hate incidents with over 100 cases, so the city showed it’s solidarity for the victims with this action. Asian Americans are the fastest growing ethnic group in Texas, and they are being unfairly targeted, and may feel unsafe in their own city.

Dallas is a welcoming city, and Stop Asian Hate Day will help us mourn and renew our commitment to stopping poisonous hatred against our diverse communities,” Johnson said.