Meet Mallory Morgan : Teen Magazine Creator

Olivia Marbury, Publications Editor and Publisher

Freshman Mallory Morgan, or Mal, is the creator, writer, and editor of her own magazine – “Culture.”, an online magazine aimed for black girls by a black girl with the goal to feature black stories as well as share beauty and lifestyle tips for young black teens. With her professional and kind nature and passion for change, this young writer undoubtedly has a bright and clear future ahead of her!

Culture. is an outlet of inspiration for Black teen girls,” Morgan said. “I hope Black girls who read it are inspired by it. I want all Black girls to achieve their dreams and I hope Culture. is a push in the right direction.” 

After not seeing anything catering to black success that didn’t exclusively focus on black pain for young teen girls like a magazine – Mal decided to create her own. 

“There isn’t a magazine specifically for Black girl teens, so I wanted to start it,” Morgan said. “My favorite show, Living Single  inspired me to do so as well as the black magazine Essence; but, I noticed it was mostly catered to older women,”

Oftentimes culturally, black women are expected to be strong and always go above and beyond. Having to work ten times harder to be recognized as a black woman is a statement many African American women have not only heard of but resonate with. What Mal has done with her magazine is found the perfect balance of sharing and celebrating black history and culture while showcasing black teen girls just being girls.. 

“There are many things that depict the Black experience, whether they’re positive or negative,” Morgan said. “From church being a whole day to the Electric Slide with the song ‘Before I Let Go’ to police brutality and the lack of mental health care for Black teens. Being black, simply put, is an elegant struggle.” 

With said elegant struggle, Mallory keeps her favorite quote close to strive on: “When the world tells you to shrink, expand” – Elaine Welteroth.

To support Mal’s magazine visit and follow the magazine’s Instagram and Twitter @crowntheculture.