HEB; Frisco’s Newest Addition

Madelyn Emmett, Staff Writer

On September 21, San Antonio-based grocery store HEB finally opened its doors in Frisco. With this new addition to the community, opportunities and challenges have arised. 

“I think it’s a great addition to Frisco since it is low on their prices and it provides a lot of job opportunities for people who have been searching for work” HEB customer said.

While HEB has brought in many new jobs, its presence has allegedly taken workers from other Frisco establishments. 

“I haven’t been working here very long but we lost a lot of people to HEB,” a competing grocery store employee said “I’ve heard from a few people they overhired so most people aren’t getting their hours in.” 

However, this isn’t the only dilemma presented with the new HEB opening in Frisco. The traffic on Legacy Drive has been the most apparent issue brought about by this new establishment. 

“Yeah, I definitely have had issues getting around because of that traffic and people I know have struggled with getting to work on time,” freshman Gabriella Ybarra said. “I feel like it could be fixed easily if they just directed the traffic more inward and focused towards HEB”. 

While this traffic is a nuisance, the community seems to agree the new HEB is worth the hassle. 

“HEB has brought a lot of traffic in, but I don’t mind it because HEB is so convenient,” Frisco resident Demirah Sockwell said.

It seems that because of their lower prices and higher selection, Frisco community members welcome this new addition. 

“The prices are so so low plus there’s tons to choose from,” Ybarra Said. “Once, you’re in the store you can’t tell that there’s loads of traffic coming in” 

Additionally, HEB offers a wide variety of HEB brand products. Community members also seem to be drawn to the overall quality of them. 

 “As a mother, I only want the best for my kids,” Sockwell said. “HEB has many good quality products to offer.” 

HEB seems to be a welcomed presence within the community, and the symbol of Frisco’s growth. 

“Frisco has gotten massive over the past few years and is starting to become more of a city rather than a town,” HEB customer said. “HEB is one of the big grocery store industries so this kind of paves the way for bigger industries to come in.”