Back in the Den

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Back in the Den

Lily Deardorff, Sarah Snowden, and Andrew Iniguez, Staff Reporters

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It’s that time of year again, as summer comes to an end and your required reading is still sitting on your shelf, untouched. It’s when you can no longer pass by the school supply aisle at your local supermarket. Yes, it’s back to school time! For many students, they are returning for the second year, however, high school is a whole new world for the freshman joining us this year.

“I was surprised by how large the school is, and how much walking is required to get from one class to another,” freshman Anna Deardorff said. “The teachers also expect more from you, and treat you like young adults.”

Many freshmen are involved in fall extracurricular activities such as band, volleyball, and football, which require summer training. This can help students meet new friends and upperclassmen.

“I am on the drill team, so the fact that I was going in on the first day with 45 new friends was reassuring and exciting,” Anna said. “On the first day I was greeted with hugs and it was very welcoming.”

Sophomores are excited to step out of freshman year and into another year here at Reedy.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing all of my friends and teachers from last year,” sophomore Kenzie Crawford said. “Summer was nice, but I missed seeing my peers every day.”

Still, at the top of the pack, the juniors are now considered upperclassmen. Many of the juniors are ready to show the new freshmen what it means to be a Reedy Lion.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a while,” junior Isabelle Walsh said. “I do miss getting to sleep in, though.”

While some students and teachers may be reluctant to come back to school after summer break, there is one important person in the building who is very excited for the new school year to begin.

“The most exciting thing about going back to school for me is having students back in the building again,” Principal Lecocq said. “The building comes alive when students are here.”

With Principal Lecocq leading the school through positivity, Reedy is bound to have a lively and successful school year.

“I look forward to us building upon the solid foundation that was laid last year and the great achievements our students will accomplish throughout this year.” Principal Lecocq said. “Additionally, I am excited to see us continue to grow together as a school and help one another be successful individually.”

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