A Day of Love (Also known as Single Awareness Day)

On February 14, a cold Tuesday, the halls of Reedy were flooded with people holding hands, hearts, and tons and tons of candy. That’s right; that day was the fun holiday of Valentine’s Day, a day for couples to spend time with another, and for others to claim that oxygen and nitrogen are in the air instead of love.

“My perfect Valentine’s Day is a day in which logic prevails over unnecessary superstition and this cursed holiday is canceled,” freshman Charles Hollis said.

One of the reasons why Valentine’s Day isn’t as fun as it should be is because it is looked at as a day that is focused only on dating and relationships.

“I don’t like Valentine’s Day due to the fact that if you’re single, you feel lonely.” Sophomore Aaron Bacewicz said.

But it isn’t always like that. Sometimes being with friends and family, or just anyone you love and care for counts as a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.

“My friends give me these little cute gifts,” Sophomore Camryn Smith said. “Mostly because I’m going to die alone.”

Still, the cheesy holiday is special for couples, because it’s the day where they can truly show their love for each other.

“The best part of Valentine’s Day is asking someone to be your Valentine,” Freshman Ethan Smith said. “It’s so romantic.”

However, don’t think that this day is the only day to show affection because it really isn’t. Any day of the year is the day to be caring and kindhearted; any day can be a day of love, or in other words, Single Awareness Day.

“Love shouldn’t just be on Valentine’s Day,” Freshman Rylee Erwin said. “It should be all the time.”