All They do is Win

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All They do is Win

Lily Deardorff, Staff Reporter

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On Saturday, February 11, the Sapphires attended the Danceline USA regional competition at Celina High School. After 15 hours of applying false eyelashes, dancing ‘till you drop, and anxiously awaiting to hear your school’s name called, they walked away with 24 awards and the title Grand Champions.

“I definitely thought that we had the ability to win again,” drill team director Kristy Platt said. “Platinum Sweepstakes was the one award I wasn’t sure about because it’s really hard to get a 95 on every piece so that one was the biggest surprise for me.”

The Sapphires recently gained assistant director Kristine Kleinecke, Kilgore Rangerette alum, as a mentor and teacher.

“I am most proud of the officer lyrical award,” Kleinecke said. “It was my first time choreographing a routine where I was able to watch it progress all the way through and see it performed, and the girls never fail to amaze me.”

In contrast to last year’s competition, the Sapphires held high hopes for the day’s end. However, many girls were just looking forward to spending the day with their sisters.

“The whole day was very positive,” Platt said. “We were excited the entire day and everyone was surprisingly relaxed. Girls were playing cards, working on homework, and so I loved that by two o’clock we had already had a very successful day and the awards ceremony hadn’t even started yet.”

While awards and trophies are huge accomplishments, they don’t represent the core values or purpose of the Sapphire Line, which are centered around compassion, inspiration, faith, and friendship.

“I think I enjoyed the in between moments of the girls hanging out together the most,” Platt said. “I’m always proud of girls who put themselves out there, especially the ones who competed a solo for the first time. The fact that they have courage to do that never fails to impress me.”

Ms. Kleinecke understands the struggles of performing first hand as a member of the most prestigious drill team in the nation.

“Some of my favorite memories as a Rangerette were watching my friends performing on stage whenever it wasn’t my dance,” Kleinecke said. “I think that’s why I enjoy watching the girls cheer each other on.”

In addition to the team placing in every category, freshmen Allison England and Ashley Leonard stood out from the crowd and wowed the judges with their duet piece, which placed first in the duet category.