Choir UIL Competition

Chorale and Nova choirs compete at UIL held at Prosper High School April 11-12.

“At UIL, choir competes in a singing contest and we do our concert portion,” choir director Rachel Franklin said. “We get a sight reading portion and after that, you get a score based on how well you perform.”

The two different choirs will sing 3 songs each. Chorale will be singing “Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep”, “Keep Your Lamps”, and “Yo le Canto todo el Dia”, while Nova will be singing “Dream Within a Dream”, “Sonatemi Un Balletto”, and “He’s Gone Away.”

“The songs we’re doing for UIL are a lot of fun,” Mrs. Franklin said. “I love how different they are. For the mixed choir, we have a somber, sullen piece, and then we move on to a spiritual, and then we go to a piece in another language with clapping, and even with the girl’s choir, we have different songs. Everything is just so different and unique.”

The choir consists of different groups. There is Nova, the girl’s choir, and then Chorale, which is the mixed choir.

“The first choir going to UIL is two choirs in one: the non-Varsity Women’s choir, and the Varsity Women’s choir, which adds up to be one big girl’s choir.” Mrs. Franklin said. “The second choir is a culmination of men and women.”

Students such as Junior Grayson Graham, a tenor for the Chorale choir, had past experiences with the annual competition back in middle school.

“I went to UIL in Pioneer Heritage Middle School, which was a long time ago,” Graham said. “It was easier than it’s going to be now, but overall it was a lot of fun and I got to know a lot of people.”

The choir is a class where people come together and sing. Students enjoy it because of the big community atmosphere.

“Choir gives everybody an opportunity to express themselves and escape from the real world a little bit.” Mrs. Franklin said. “Even in my adult life, I like singing, because it’s a big stress reliever.”