A Dinner and Show!

Reedy Orchestra held their annual, student-led chamber concert on April 4 where students formed ensembles and performed pieces.


The concert had a total of 25 small groups where all groups performed in a dinner and show setting.


“The way this concert is set up is really what makes it different from the rest,” senior cello player Andrea Davila said. “While players are performing in the front cafeteria, the audience is eating and quietly socializing. It really differs from our normal, more formal concerts.”


Not only is the chamber concert more casual but it’s also student-led.


“Tonight we really showcased what the students are all individually capable of,” orchestra director Mr. Lane said. “Students chose their own pieces, groups, and even group names, and ultimately showcased their hard work to parents and classmates.”


Students were given two and a half weeks to prepare a piece of their choice.


“Although the concert itself is pretty relaxed, preparation took a lot more work and focus,” sophomore violin player Sreya Krothapalli said. “Since no one is conducting, we, as an ensemble, had to learn how to stay together and arrange the piece.”


The sense of community is a common trend in all orchestra concerts and socials, as they rely on the family-like atmosphere in the program through hard work and practice.


“Bettering our personal skills on our instruments can be hard, but the program makes it fun,” freshman harp player Sofia Ponce said. “This concert is like a mix of a social and concert which is really fun. In a way, it resembles how the program is: a mix of hard work and play!”