Meet the Fish

Meet the New Freshman at Reedy High School.


Olivia McCauley, Staff Editor

The jump from middle to high school is a huge adjustment from the size of the school, to number of classes as well as new freedoms. With COVID-19, and the needed precautions to stay safe, freshmen this year have more than their fair share of adjustments.

When asked about their initial thoughts of Reedy, many students had differing observations.

“I like Reedy because it feels a lot bigger than middle school, where I felt a little babied,” freshman Preston Dohner said. “I feel a lot more mature than I did in middle school.”

Likewise, many other freshmen have noticed the size of Reedy, but some are more concerned rather than excited.

“Reedy is very big, and that makes it hard to find your way around, so I was nervous about finding my classes,” freshman Rylen Mitro said. “Having staff in the rotunda really helped me feel not as lost.”

Regardless of their concerns, many are very excited about starting high school this year.

“I felt excited rather than nervous because I was ready to have the structure that school provides again,” Dohner said. “I’m excited to make new friends, and I like that we are with people from the other middle schools now because I have the opportunity to meet new people.”

Naturally, there are concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it will affect their learning.

“I felt a little stressed about starting in person and how I would be learning considering the circumstances,” Mitro said. “But I was also excited to see my friends because we weren’t allowed to see each other much over quarantine.”

Many also noticed the new procedures set in place to keep us safe.

“Everyone is willing to help each other,” freshman Elsy Hartman said. “At first I was very scared, but now I think it will be a learning experience for all of us.”

COVID-19 is not the only stressor for many freshmen.

“I’ve been a lot more stressed [in high school] than I was in middle school because everything is more important in high school,” freshman Reese Jackson said.  “I’m going to have to put in a lot more effort.” 

Though high school can be stressful at times , it  can also be a time for growth and meeting new people.  As for the new freshmen, it is just beginning!