Dancing for Our First Amendment

TikTok’s Possible Ban.


Tik Tok, the next up and coming social media app, is being considered to be banned by President Trump and will go into effect on Sunday, September 20th. For Reedy High School kids, this is a bittersweet action, but also could be considered a violation of the first amendment.

For most, this new rule in place is saddening, since the app brings internet fame to lots of Reedy students.

“I just hit 100,000 likes on my biggest video,” senior Madison Legere s


“I was finally growing a following on the app, and now it’s being taken down by our own government.”

It’s been up for debate whether banning the app is going against citizen’s first amendment, since Generation Z has used Tik Tok to make their voices heard.

“TikTok is the one of the main sources for our generation to use their voi

ce as we should,” Legere said. “I personally feel like that right to use my voice is being infringed upon by the government.”

Others, like senior Sophie Williams, believe that banning the app doesn’t 

go against our right as Americans.

“I honestly would not say that the ban is going against the first amendment,” Williams said. “But, I do believe that Trump is wrong for taking away social media because some people he governs don’t like him.”

We’ve seen apps be banned or deleted before, like the popular Vine or Myspace, but is it TikTok’s time to go?

“TikTok is nowhere near finished nor has it run its course.” Legere said. “In fact, I believe it should stay around longer, Myspace had become outdated and Vine was deleted by its creator

. TikTok is only at its peak.”

TikTok has become an outlet for a lot of teenagers, the app ranging from comedy to cooking videos. 

“Tik tok should not be deleted because it provides a creative outlet for any age to express themselves. It lets teenegars be who they are and create a community,” Williams said.

Update: As of September 19th, 2020, Oracle has made a partnership with Walmart to purchase a combined 20% stake in Tik Tok Global, ultimately saving Tik Tok from deletion.