How Students are Celebrating Fall Festivities Despite COVID-19


Karla Perez, Staff Writer

With the arrival of October, people all around have begun anticipating the spooky spirit of Halloween. A lively holiday enjoyed by all ages, kids and teens commonly celebrate Halloween with trick or treating, pumpkin carving, movie marathons, and costume parties. However, this year celebrations might be a little different because of  Covid-19. 

Elementary school student Nicolas Funes and his sister, Rebecca, have planned costumes that involve masks to remain safe this Halloween. 

“We’re going to trick or treat. My costume has a mask,” Funes said. “We’re gonna go across the neighborhood, and when we grab the candies, my mom will sanitize our hands.” 

Because of the pandemic,  some kids have had to modify their plans from what they regularly do to celebrate the holiday.

“Last year, I went to my friend’s Halloween party, and we watched movies and swam in his pool,” high school junior Zeena Karkaria said. “[This year,] I’m having a small get together at my house on Halloween [with only] a small group of my closest friends.” 

In addition to their Covid-adjusted plans, students have gotten creative with the way they’ll celebrate the month of October. New, safe, and socially-distanced fall activities have sprung all around for anyone who does not want to miss out on the fall season and festivities this month.

“I want to go to a drive-through haunted house because that seems cool,” Karkaria said.

Drive-through haunted houses are a new attraction where guests will enjoy all the fright and jumpscares from the safety of their cars. Likewise, Funes and his sister have also enjoyed a Halloween-related, yet safe activity. 

“We have booed five people, and we got booed twice,” Funes said.  “It’s a tradition that we have [where] we get candy and put it in bags and drive around the neighborhood to [deliver them] to front doors.” 

Even though Halloween this year might not look like the norm, the spirit is still alive in kids of all ages that are enthusiastic about adapting to the new regulations and celebrating safely. 

“I’m excited,” Funes said. “ If you were looking at this last year or next year, I would be kinda thankful that we could go trick or treating at all.” 

“Don’t let Corona stop you from doing your favorite holiday activities,” Karkaria said. “There are still things we can do at home with our families or in small groups with masks and socially distanced!” 

As for some of us, we are just excited to eat all the Halloween treats this year.  

“I’m excited about all the candy!” Rebecca Funes said.