Activists: The Future of America

Activists Club

Activists: The Future of America

The world around us has been experiencing some much-needed change surrounding social issues, and recently Reedy High School students have joined this through the newly formed Social Activism Club.

“I started this club after attending a Black Lives Matter protest here in Frisco and realized that a lot of my friends wanted to get involved but didn’t know how,” founder and president Madison Legere said. “We are a school filled with students who are different, and unique and it is important as a student body that we support each other and help obtain equal rights for all.”

The club recently had its first meeting and is working endlessly to find ways to encourage students to be socially active in the fight for rights for minorities.

“I hope we can grow and become a bigger group, and the more people that join can help us achieve our goals,” Legere said. “The main thing is to help educate against ignorance. This helps everyone at the end of the day.”

Students have shown interest in these social issues occurring in our society today and are joining in making a difference in their communities.

“I decided to join the club because I think minorities in the community shouldn’t be hated, but supported because in the end, we are all equal,” Student Communicator Lauren Noh said. “I want to create a community where people feel more welcomed and comfortable to be themselves.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed many obstacles for the club to overcome, while still achieving their goals of equality.

“I would have loved to do something in person,” Legere said. “But because of the virus, we want to encourage people to be active online, spread important information online, and encourage donating to various organizations.”

Because the club just started recently, it is currently very small; however, the club would like to expand so others can join the cause of making the community a better place through activism.

“Others should join this club because even if we are a small club, our voices can make a difference in our communities,” Noh said. “This club is important because it may be hard for people to speak about their opinions and have a voice at a young age, but I think it’s important that students at Reedy have a voice.”

Activism has helped solve many issues in society such as earning women the right to vote and desegregating America. Alas, we still have more problems that must be acknowledged today, and this club is one way to do so.

“Activism is important to me because it is at the start of change. Activism is what has allowed us to make changes,” Legere said. “I believe activism is one of the most powerful messages someone can send.”