An Imposter Among Us

The game that’s the new sensation, and distraction, during the pandemic.


When the Covid-19 pandemic kept everyone at home, the game “Among Us” became the new entertainment sensation for many bored teenagers.

“I started playing because I was bored and wanted something to do,” sophomore Noah Brown said. “I found out about the game from friends and also from YouTube videos.”

Popularized by famous influencers, Among Us is a multiplayer game that allows users to join local or online games with players worldwide. 

“There’s two roles, crewmate, and the impostor. Crewmates have tasks they have to complete while the impostor is running around killing [them],” senior Carson Beck said. “If the crewmates finish the tasks before everyone is dead, they win; if not, the impostor wins.”

The game also allows players to communicate through a chat box to discuss who the impostor is. This feature is what makes it so appealing for teens seeking safe social interaction during these times. 

“It’s fun to play with strangers, especially when you’re the impostor,” Beck said. “They are also possibly adding a voice chat, so you can talk with the people you are playing with!”

Being the impostor seems to be a prominent feature among players because of the excitement that comes with deceiving the rest of the crewmates. 

“I like being the impostor and tricking my friends [to see] how they blame each other without me needing to say a thing,” Brown said. 

However, with its increasing popularity, the game has become a distraction for many teens that find themselves playing for hours without end. 

“A few weeks ago, I probably would have told you I spent 10 hours a week on it,” Beck said. 

The escape the game provides from the stresses of attending school during a global pandemic has become almost disruptive for some students. 

“I have found myself playing the game for long periods rather than completing my homework,” Beck said. “But I’ve controlled myself since then. I maybe play a couple of hours a week now.”

As for what is to come for the game, new updates might be added soon to make it even more appealing to its players.

“I have heard [rumors] of a new “hide and seek” game mode but other than that probably some new maps,” Brown said. 

The popular game has become a fun and safe space for teens to interact with others during these times, and as long as it does not become a distraction, it will continue to spread among us