Trick or Treat?


Maya Borkar, Staff Writer

With Halloween being on a Saturday this year, people are very excited to celebrate it, but this year we hope that precautions will be taken. From Halloween parties to trick or treating, there are many different ways the virus could spread. But, after eight months of a pandemic, will people be willing to give up such a big holiday

This year, many people are not planning to let Halloween go uncelebrated, and do not want their children to have a lifeless  Halloween. According to the NCA, over 80% of people with children plan to have a trick or treating experience this year. But, trick or treating may not be the most Covid friendly activity. In areas where Covid is more prevalent, trick or treating will be extremely dangerous due to the copious amounts of children that will be running around and sticking their hands into the same bowl. In communities where the number of Covid cases stays to a minimum, trick or treating may be the safer option because it is an outdoor activity.  

One of the most significant issues in a situation like this pandemic is the amount of uncertainty. Many scientists are still uncertain as to whether Covid can spread through surfaces or if it is airborne. If the virus is airborne, then wearing masks would be the best way to keep the virus from spreading in any Halloween activities. If it spreads through surfaces, the best way to protect yourself from the virus is to wait a few days before unwrapping and eating your Halloween candies. Since nobody knows for sure if the virus can be spread through surfaces, the best way to make sure you don’t get the virus is to take both of these precautions.

The next issue is indoor Halloween house parties. The CDC says that outdoor activities are much safer than indoor activities, so house parties with hundreds of people are a considerable  risk for spreading the virus. Many people think that if they are young, going to parties will not affect them and it will be perfectly fine; but the biggest risk is asymptomatic people. If someone goes to a party and comes home with no symptoms, they could go to another party and spread the virus without knowing it. These big teen parties are a hotspot for spreading the virus and are a huge risk, especially in communities where the virus has a very high case rate. 

Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, it is supposed to be an amazing year to have a scary night. This pandemic came as a surprise to all, so it is essential to keep yourself and others safe during these tragic times.