Meet Reedy PALS!


The Peer Assistance Leadership and Service program, or PALS, is a new class offered at Reedy where members mentor middle school students and aim to create a tighter and safer community. Students of the program’s first year describe what Reedy PALS is, what they stand for, and how they plan on reaching the community and making a difference. 

“In PALS we’ve helped out with campaigns like Red Ribbon Week, decorated teacher’s break rooms and themed doors, and even made birthday cards for all of Reedy staff,” senior PAL Carson Beck said. “Improving the Reedy community is very important to PAL’s not only because we serve to do so, but because we’re mentoring future Reedy students.”

Beck adds that “giving back to those who give so much like teachers” is very important as the class and small group’s main goal is to spread positivity. 

“To be in PALS, you have to represent yourself as if you’re representing the program,” senior Rylei Jefferson said. “Demonstrating service and leadership are really important. I heard about PALS last year through Coach Miller and Mrs.Cobb.”

The application process to become a PAL was far from easy. 

“There was a lengthy application we had to fill out before Summer and we found out if we got in through our schedules,” senior PAL Emaan Moon said. “There was even an interview that was supposed to happen but because of COVID things changed.” 

COVID has affected a lot of the program’s plans, but that hasn’t stopped the group from making an impact. 

“We haven’t been able to meet our PAL yet because we’ve had to figure out how to safely meet with the middle school kids and fit within their schedule,” Moon said. “We’ve been serving within the Reedy community in the meantime and preparing through training on how to mentor.” 

Preparation for mentoring has understandably taken time. 

“I feel like you have to help yourself before you help others,” senior PAL Madison Marbury said. “We’ve done so many exercises that have helped us learn who we are and how we communicate so we can effectively communicate with our kids when the time comes.”

Communication and a level head is key as these students are mentors for middle school students who are either going through a rough time or just need someone to talk to. 

“PAL’s is not therapy, the students are not certified counselors but they are mentors,” PAL teacher Amanda Miller said. “Being a kid can be hard, especially during these times, and a lot of kids these days just need someone to talk to. They want to be heard.”