Love is in the Air: Happy Valentines Day!


Olivia Marbury, Publications Editor and Publisher


Since early January, the aisles of grocery stores have turned from red and green holiday themes to the pink and red hearts with chocolate and roses lining the aisles. Valentine’s day seems to be the one holiday that is disputed. Why is that and is the holiday just a commercial one, or is there history? 

The History. 

So, how did it all begin? The true history is somewhat unknown and various cultures and backgrounds contribute to what we now celebrate and know of as Valentines day. The ancient Romans called Valentine’s Day Lupercalia, where they held rituals and celebrated fertility. In ancient Greece, around the winter time – during the months we call January and February, the marriage of Zeus and goddess Hera was celebrated. The celebrations during the February months continue with the Catholic holiday Saint Valentine’s Day, which occurred 500 AD. Though they still followed the theme of love, it was the love for God they celebrated where weddings in the church were held and greeting cards and paper hearts were passed out to remind Christians of the love for God. So how has all of this history led to the rose, candies, and candlelit dinners we see and do today? 

Our Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day has definitely shifted from feasts and showing your love to buying it to celebrate the day. In 2019, the holiday generated more than 20.7 billion dollars. But just as the reasoning behind celebrating has changed throughout history, it’s continuing to evolve into more than just love for your significant other. “Galentine’s Day” is gaining more and more popularity every year thanks to the show Parks and Recreation even being recognized on February 13 as a day to celebrate your love and appreciation for your friends. TikTok is also begging to change how Valentine’s Day is celebrated. This year, in true COVID fashion, picnics, Zoom Meetings, baking festive heart shaped cakes, and at home dinners with small, safe gatherings have gained traction.