Rachel Buckle: Soccer Superstar


As colleges have been looking at potential recruits for their sports programs, one girl at Reedy High School stood out to recruiters. Varsity soccer player Rachel Buckle recently committed to Elon University based in North Carolina!

“I chose Elon for multiple reasons. The coach was absolutely amazing, and he wanted to know who I was as a person and not just who I was as a soccer player,” Rachel Buckle said. “He cared about me as more than just another recruit for his program, and he answered every question I had honestly.”

Rachel got her start early on in life, and continued to play throughout the years.

“I started playing soccer when I was three, so I think the start was honestly more my mom putting me in rec soccer to be with my friends,” Buckle said. “Then it turned into something that was way more important to me.”

Rachel loves soccer and views it as an escape from her everyday responsibilities, where she can solely focus on the game itself.

“My motivation for soccer comes from the love I have for the sport,” Buckle said. “For me, soccer is an outlet, and when I am playing, I’m not focused on anything else but the game. I always want to get better and push myself.”

While looking at options for colleges to commit to, Rachel spoke to many other high-profile colleges.

“I was talking to a few bigger schools before making my decision including Auburn, Texas Tech, University of Texas, and Missouri, but I wouldn’t have the opportunities to do what I get to do at Elon,” Buckle said.

Buckle is very enthusiastic about the opportunities that Elon offers her opposed to other universities.

The travel abroad program is ranked number 1 in the country and I have always loved to travel, so I knew it was something I wanted to do in college as well,” Buckle said. “I also love that Elon is a smaller school. So I will be able to build relationships with my professors easier.”

Although she is going to play soccer in college now, that was not always the plan for Buckle.

“I don’t think I knew that I wanted to play college soccer until 7th grade just because I didn’t know that it was something I could do until then,” Buckle said. “When I did know that I was talented enough to do that, absolutely I did.”

Now that it is an option for Buckle, she is looking forward to the opportunity.

Soccer has always been in my life and I can’t imagine giving it up after high school, so having the opportunity to do what I love in college is really exciting for me,” Buckle said.

Elon University offers Buckle many opportunities, not only athletically, but academically as well.

“I would say I am most excited about the opportunities Elon will give me academically, athletically, and individually,” Buckle said. “I am going to be challenged in the classroom.”

Buckle is also excited to be participating in sports at a higher level, undergoing rigorous training.

“I am going to continually be improving as a soccer player,” Buckle said. “I am also super excited to travel abroad with the soccer team and build connections with my teammates who I will get to be with for four years.”

Now that soccer is in the cards for Buckle, she views this as the potential gateway to her future career.

“Yes, I see soccer as a career path,” Buckle said. “I am looking at sports broadcasting and staying involved with sports. Maybe when I graduate, I will even think about becoming a soccer coach, so I can teach others about a game I love.”