Final Senior Check In


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Seniors at Senior Bonfire

Olivia Marbury, Publications Editor and Publisher


The senior class of 2021 definitely didn’t get the senior year they always dreamt of; but, as the year comes to an end and we enter the final quarter of the school year, students reflect on their senior year and high school experience.

“This year obviously had it’s downs, but there were a lot of positives that came out of it,” senior Emaan Moon said. “Once I got into the routine, online school provided me with a lot more free time than I otherwise wouldn’t have had.” 

Having a positive mindset is a trending theme amongst most seniors. 

“We couldn’t control the pandemic, we could only control how we react and I chose to react in a positive (and safe) manner,” senior Toni Mcinnis said. “Things aren’t the same but after accepting that, I made a new normal for myself.” 

Mcinnis adds that it was “helpful for the world to do the same and adjust” before the start of fall unlike the reaction the previous seniors in the class of 2020 had to endure. 

“I think it was probably worse for seniors last year just because they got the front end of everything,” Moon said. “By the time it was our turn, everyone had accepted this new normal and adjusted, allowing for us to have more leniency in a way.” 

Though the class of 2021 didn’t get the parades or fruit baskets, many efforts were made to ensure a close to normal year. 

“As an officer in Student Council, a lot was done to make sure the small things like posters welcoming students and even the big things like prom still happened,” Moon said. “Things obviously weren’t perfect or exactly the same, but the fact that we even got a taste of anything is something to be grateful for.”

Being content and grateful seem to be two things all seniors have obtained. 

“We had football games, are getting some type of prom, and even had a senior bonfire,” Mcinnis said. “There is not much to complain about and we could’ve had it a lot worse.” 

As the year comes to an end and the final countdown begins, the seniors reflect. 

“Right now I’m just soaking in all of the final moments,” Moon said. “If I could tell my younger self anything it’d just be to slow down and appreciate the experience.” 

From 2017 freshmen to 2021 seniors, all can agree that these four years really do go by fast. 

“I used to hear people say all the time that it flies by and would roll my eyes,” Mcinnis said. “But now that graduation is around the corner, it really does!”