Training for Testing Season


Olivia McCauley, Staff Writer

As we approach the month of May, we near the AP testing season. Students have been preparing for these exams all year in their classes, and they have high hopes.

“My goal score is probably a 4 or above,” junior Sofia Ponce said. “Then I can get a good amount of college credit for the class.”

Other students are not as confident, but are still studying in order to gain confidence in their abilities.

“My goal score is probably a 3, to be honest,” junior Tabitha Baggett said. “This is because of how low the passing rate for this test is.”

There are various ways to study for AP tests, and our Reedy Lions have done their fair share of testing different study methods.

“I look over my notes and make quizlets of vocabulary words,” Ponce said. “I also have been making reviews so I know what is important to study in order to pass.”

Other students have been taking a more traditional mode of studying.

“I am making flashcards and looking at my lecture notes from this year,” junior Lauren Noh said. “Additionally, I take practice tests occasionally so I feel confident.”

Some are also studying in groups, in order to clarify subjects they are struggling with.

“I’m mostly using AP classroom and notes I’ve taken throughout the year,” Baggett said. “I also have people in my class I talk to about certain concepts if I’m confused about, which I’d personally recommend.”

Students share their reasoning behind taking the AP tests.

“Taking the tests will get me a fair amount of college credit,” Ponce said. “A lot of these tests are related to classes I will take in college.”

Because there are many methods of studying to choose from, it is important to find what works for you.

“I recommend looking through your notes and rewriting them because as you write things it is easier to memorize,” Noh said. “I also recommend not procrastinating and giving yourself enough time to study.”

Many experience stress before the exams, so they implement strategies to manage that stress.

“Whenever I feel stressed about AP exams, I try to remember I have been learning this material all year,” says Baggett. “I know how to answer these problems.”

AP exams are this May, so good luck Lions!