What is the Reedy Community Proud Of?


Due to the circumstances of this year, the high school experience has been anything but ordinary. Because of this, Reedy students have had to adjust in unimaginable ways. Students share a variety of what they are proud of and what they find most memorable. 

We used “What are you most proud of this year?” and “What is the most memorable part of this school year?” as a prompt, and asked Reedy students and teachers their personal experiences. Every student has different highlights for this year and we found that a lot of students are just proud of getting through the school year in the virtual setting and even being successful. 

Junior Neha Ravishankar shared that “being able to make it through the entire year virtually” was the thing she was most proud of and she found that there was “nothing” memorable about this year. Many students who completed the survey the same way. There have been a lot of restrictions for students ‘ lives in school and at home.

Junior Meredith Kasper finds that the “orchestra social” was memorable while she found that she was most proud of “the ability to keep learning even in these circumstances.” With this response, we can see a trend of the most memorable moment of this school year with students is commonly something involving their friends or a good time that students might have taken for granted before the pandemic.

Junior Praneel Murali shares that he is most proud of “ [the ability] to maintain and improve my GPA even through the online learning environment.” Even though a lot of students are taking classes in an online setting, grades and GPA still matter. Murali says that “there weren’t really any memorable parts to this year except the PSAT and SAT because I was able to see my friends.” Even in all moments, interaction with friends and peers seems to be a common thread among students from Reedy who filled the survey.

Through many students at Reedy, the most memorable moments seem to be those with their friends and social interaction. To sum it up perfectly, Senior Landon Reedy shares that the “time spent with friends” has been the most memorable. 

This school year has had less interaction specially with virtual students, even in the case of Senior Cody Opoku-Darko. Opoku-Darko shares that “making it through the year and performing to [his] best abilities all year” is what he was also most proud of, but the most memorable had to be “basketball season.” This was another common answer: sports seasons. 

Senior Kevin Thomas shares the same in his own way. Thomas says that “The most memorable part of the school year would be playing tennis and getting 3rd place in the district tournament, spending time with coaches and teammates.” He along with many other students find that their success throughout the year has been the most memorable or the thing they are most proud of. 

Senior Luke Morgan is “proud that I’ve gotten all As throughout the school year” and says “the most memorable part was the Theatre UIL competition.” The active season of a club has been a highlight for many students including Morgan.

On the other hand, Junior Yash Totalni shares that “the most memorable part of the school year has been robotics club.” Students like Morgan and Totalni share that clubs have brought some memorable moments throughout the year.

In many ways, this year has been different than every other, but high school can still be a place where pride comes from school success and more and memorable moments stem from. Either way, make sure to recognize the happy moments school can still bring, whether you are face-to-face, hybrid, or virtual.