The Final First Day


The first day of school is always a major event for every student, and for seniors this year it represents a culmination of nostalgia.

When asked about their feelings towards this being their last first day, students respond with feelings of sadness but hope for the future.

“I’m sad that it was my last first day,” senior Isabel Escribano said. “But [I’m] also excited for what this year has to come.”

While some felt the event was sorrowful, others are looking forward to their future.

“I felt very thrilled knowing that it was the last time I would have to worry about what to wear for the first day of school,” senior Aloki Pandya said. “I was very nervous because I don’t know anybody but the teachers were kind and my classmates were kind so it was good enough for me.”

Although they are still high schoolers, it is difficult to look past the approaching years of college sneaking up on them.

“It’s bittersweet for sure,” senior Tabitha Baggett said. “I can’t really imagine not having a first day next year.”

While advancing towards the end of their high school years, many recall the first day of their freshman year.

“Freshman year I felt like I could do anything walking into the school,” Baggett said. “I had romanticized high school for so long and it felt so good to be here.”

Some may reflect on the past, however, many are very optimistic about the present.

“My favorite first day was this year because it’s exciting to see what this year has in store for me,” Escribano said.

Due to high school being a preparation period for college, students have also reflected on whether they feel they have been properly prepared for their college experience.

“I think it has because ever since I moved, I have had to adjust to new places and new schools,” Pandya said. “I believe adjusting to college will be a very similar experience.”

Because high school has been a four year experience, students have had extreme growth from when they first walked into Reedy High School.

“Freshman year me would probably be surprised about how comfortable I am in high school, and maybe just how comfortable I am in general with my life,” Baggett said.

 Many feel as though they have truly grown into themselves throughout these past four years.

“I think younger me would look at me now and be proud at how well I can express myself creatively and how far I have come in my student involvement,” senior Christian Statham said.

While the first day of senior year feels bittersweet, it reveals new beginnings for the seniors at Reedy High School.