To: Texas


Manoela Spinella Vaz, Staff Writer

In the past two years, Reedy High School has seen a plethora of new students, most of them being from California. 

One of the main reasons for moving has been new education opportunities.

“Here there are more opportunities than where I used to live,” said senior Arrell Calo. “That’s what I really like about Texas.” 

Frisco is a new city that has been rapidly growing in the past few years. Its potential has caught the attention of those moving to Texas.

“Texas was a new environment,” said Angela Zhang. “Specifically this city. It is really new.” 

When talking about the differences, one of the students pointed out how different Texas pride is from California. 

“I like the spirit of Texas,” said freshman Helen Liu. “Texas is really big on their spirit and as a whole state. In California they’re not really big on ‘We are California’, but here everyone here is `Yeah, We are From Texas’.”

One of the only drawbacks to Texas, Calo admitted, has been the weather.

“I really like [Texas],” said Calo. “But the weather is kind of crazy.”

Not only are students moving from out-of-state, but from in-state as well. Junior Jordan Settles moved from San Antonio, Texas to Frisco in the beginning of the school year. 

“We moved here because of my mom’s job,” Settles said. “She is a real estate agent and the market is just better here in the DFW area.” 

The United States is a big melting pot as a whole, and so is Frisco. All the new people moving here make this city what it is today.